saying & actions

I found myself saying, 'I don't need your pity, I need your help.' Yes, I did.

After three days of not being around to help me with the family gathering, my husband kept feeling pity on how tired I must be and how he can't complain about being tired because I must be feeling worse. It got annoying. I'm exhausted and his words weren't helping.

Words are just not enough. Within my annoyance, I saw myself on my husband's side of conversation.

This is what I do to Allah. So often, I know what I must do but get distracted... with life just as my husband gets distracted... with life. Now look at your own actions and decisions from outside in. Many of us have been telling ourselves, 'Most importantly, I believe. The rest will come with time.' I certainly have lost years of my life with this mentality. Now, imagine how that would feel to you.

How would it feel if someone kept saying they loved you, but none of their actions reflected their words?

How would it feel when you give and give, but receive nothing in return?

Words are just not enough. There is so much out there to throw yourself into. To keep you from committing to this life. From committing to Allah. Distractions are true just as much as humanity is true. But if you make something more a priority, distractions are less prevalent. Step away from being passive. Islam is not passive. Allah is not passive. This life is not passive. Step away from thinking you will have tomorrow to catch up with Islam. The time to start is Now.

What can you DO today to back your words to Allah? Start small. But DO start now. 🌷Umeda

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