researching & learning

I love trying out new products in the market.

Workout programs, skin care, beauty products, food, etc. Through research and trial & error, I've found pretty amazing products and solutions.

Plus, I get a better idea of what does and doesn't work for me and what my specific wants and needs are. Being open to learning and trying things out is so important in many areas of life. It's a path to self-discovery.

This is also true with Islam.

There are certain pieces of information that people have been raised with without background knowledge or with misunderstanding.

There are more of us than not filled with confusion or some sort of negative feelings towards our religion and rules. And this creates a certain level of resistance and reservation in surrendering to Islam, to Allah completely.

 Sometimes all it takes is being open to exploring, researching, learning, and trying out interpretations and explanations from different scholars. Refrain from resentment, especially if you have not been fully educated in the topic. The answers are out there.

Will you seek them?

Research. Research. Research.

Seek legitimate sources. You cannot believe how many amazing books have been published and the number of articles online. Just make sure to double-check sources with online articles.⠀

The fun part of trying out new sources is that you just don't know what will blow your mind. A piece of knowledge or explanation may shed light to misunderstandings you've had for years, ignite your curiosity, and set you free from reservations and shackles of doubt.

 Get in a habit of maintaining a list of topics you feel curious or uncertain about. Keep the list on your phone or by your desktop. And make time to research those topics.It is amazing how learning about broad and narrow topics in Islam can help you discover more and more about yourself.

 Answer your curiosity. Knowledge is the path to surrender and peace of mind.

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