be alive through worship

Nowadays, especially in tech, companies are looking for ways to make the work environment fun to be in.

When the work environment is dry, you count down the hours. You are simply there waiting for your life to start again after work. But companies are finding that people are more productive and creative when they continue to be 'alive' at work.

This finding is also relevant to faith. Often we are performing our religious duties as if we 'have to' do them and then we can go back to living and having fun. In a way, we pause life so we can check off another religious 'obligation'.

But what if we lived on during worship?

What if, we switched our thinking and immersed fun into practice?

What if, instead of waiting for it to be over, we enjoyed the process?

For us to feel the positive affects of worship, our minds need to be present. And the only way our mind will show up day in and day out is if it's engaged. So how do we make worship fun?⠀

The first thing tech companies go to is food. Reason: replenishment is a bridge to fulfillment.

Learning and thinking about WHY we do certain things and focusing on the meanings of our recitations REPLENISH, RECUPERATE and NOURISH us.⠀

Take deep breaths and tell yourself THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE MOMENT. I CAN LET GO. At this moment nothing else matters.

Be OK with exactly where you are. You are standing/reading/calling with millions of people towards ONE who means everything. THIS IS SHOW TIME!⠀

Be a perfectionist. Give your worship all you have. Perform with all your heart. It's only a few minutes, so increase the intensity to the max.

Challenge yourself to PUSH HARD! In a way, you have to pump yourself up before your worship. Be your own coach and cheerleader. Be your own pep-talker.

Embrace your few moments of worship to the fullest. Don't pause life. THIS IS LIFE!⠀And here are ways you can prime for fun outside of worship.

Put up Islamic motivation verses and quotes on walls.

Join Islamic groups and start conversations.

Bring Allah to everything you do, big and small. 

Read books!

Participate in Islamic book clubs. 

Worship with friends.

Make it part of gatherings.

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