reflection time to rest and recuperate your iman

I had one of those mornings where in my dream I was getting annoyed by some kind of alarming sound which I couldn't shut down for the life of me.

I was talking to people. I was searching for the source of the sound. But it kept going and going. With every passing moment, I kept getting more and more annoyed.

When I finally woke up, my actual alarm had been going off for over 30 minutes. For 30 minutes, my brain was picking up on the sound, but my body was not in alignment with it.

Awestruck by the fact that it took me this long to wake up, I thought...⠀

Goodness! Wide-eyed. Aha-moment type of 'Goodness!' Similarly to this event, is there an un-worldly alarm going off which I am failing to wake up to in my physical life on Earth?

Seriously flip the scenario. Is Allah calling me for something which I am failing to wake up to because I am so numb with worldly things?⠀

I couldn't wake up this morning because I was out with my nephews and niece until 1 am last night. I haven't had much down time. And it's rainy and groggy out. All physical things.But I know I am also numbed by mental things... worldly overload. ADHD-type inability to focus. Not enough quiet, reflection time. And the curse of the not enough quiet reflection time: missing cues.

Cues that warn you when things are going the wrong direction.

Cues that help understand and empathize with life, people, actions, and intentions. Cues that save you from taking certain steps.

Cues that open your eyes to the presence of Allah all around you. So I thought, 'Goodness!' I need to un-numb myself so I can hear alarms better. A Muslim lifestyle is about having open eyes and ears. It's about living intentionally. It's about being open to the cues that Allah sends us. It's about living in awareness... in clarity.

 Take a moment today to scan through your days, goals, and priorities. And check in with the choices you've been making lately.

Check in with your heart and your mind. Listen clearly. Are you giving yourself enough quiet reflection time to rest and recuperate your iman?Is the source of alarm in this world or is it beyond it? 🌷Umeda ⠀

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