ramadan is coming

Ramadan is coming and it is very exciting.

There is a lot of buzz around the holiday. We're on a countdown mode...which makes us believe that when the first day comes, all of a sudden, everything will start working perfectly.

All of a sudden I will be able to fast, have quality prayers, read the Quran, do activities with the kids, prepare iftar while I work 40-hour weeks.The excitement lasts about a week.

For some of us even less. In reality, this moment we are counting down to won't be as magical. It won't be as colorful and bright as all the gifts in the shops. It won't be as unifying as it seems when all of us are counting down together. It won't be as clarifying, freeing, nor energizing as we expect.

This month is about none of that. Yes, in the darkest hours of the day, we focus on community, sharing, and celebration.

But we embark the bulk of our day in solitude... lacking in energy, in words, in brightness of our eyes... our skin glows but we are covered in gloom. Not gloom of sadness but gloom of deficiency. And as a result, there will be times when...

I will probably yell at my kids instead of creating a sense of excitement.

I will probably fall asleep on the couch after work instead of cooking iftar for the masjid.

I will probably fail to stay consistent in my Quran reading goals.

I will probably fail to call my relatives even though I wrote it down on my new, pretty planner.

Productivity won't magically come. But one thing is for sure, with the numbness of deficiency, our prayers slow down; our priorities become more clear; we are able to cut back to the core of life and FOCUS.

Focus on what matters most to us.In the next few days, as many add more to their plans, challenge yourself to cut back. Let go of fluff.

And leave a lot of space TO JUST BE. Let your mind fast along with your body. Make space to reflect, to read or listen to the Quran in silence, to slow down your prayers, to speak more to Allah... ⠀

And maybe, just maybe, teach your kids and yourself to be ok with silence, solitude, deficiency and just BEING. 🌷Umeda

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