productive sunday

Allah blessed me with a productive Sunday.

My head was clear. I spent quality time with my family. And I had energy to carry out all my housework and prep for the coming week. I finally felt balanced again. I woke up Monday to birds chirping and a post-rain scent of an early Spring morning.

So I decided to take a short walk before kids woke up. It was such a refreshing walk. I felt energized and ready for the coming week. If it wasn't for that productive Sunday, I   be running around prepping things. And I would have missed out on this beautiful walk where I silently checked through my gratitude list.

This short moment helped me reconnect with Allah;

it made me see things with a little more clarity. With the chaos of modern life

it seems the first thing that gives is our iman and closeness to Allah. It came to me yesterday to make a list of things I like done on Sundays to achieve this feeling of balance time in time again. So that when I am feeling tired and sluggish,

it's easier to go through an already made list of tasks than to have to think what needs to get done.... which when tired, end up getting ignored... a sure ingredient to overwhelm and imbalance when the busy week rolls around. Spirituality and iman are very sensitive. They require a constant re-calibration.

We need to make time to draw away from all distractions to refocus. And to have this time, something's got to give. To ensure it's not iman giving, you have to push a little further some days so this little time can be intentionally cleared for reflection and evaluation. Make a list of what needs to get done in advance, so you can schedule a half hour for silence, solitude, and re-connection with Allah. Keep that list handy, follow through and commit to it. Don't let lack of balance tip you away from Allah. This littlest moment ends up making the biggest difference to your iman and charge throughout the week. 🌷Umeda

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