During a conversation with colleagues, a topic of shelled fish came up. I shared that I recently learned that shelled fish are haram.

They commented that shelled fish are also not kosher and that many Islamic practices are similar to those of Judaism. I said yes, actually food restrictions existed for all three scriptural religions but somehow got lost along the way in Christianity. A particular Christian colleague explained in agreement that many restrictions were dropped to make the faith more 'accessible' for non-Christians.

That is, easier to pick up for converts.

That is, easier to draw people to the faith. Essentially, to grow the faith, they lost the faith. Astray. Living in the West, we are becoming more and more laid back.

However, I pray that we don't lose our way for the sake of becoming more 'accessible'. Even if it means we will be small, I pray that our ummah will be of quality.

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