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Recently, I read a post regarding hijab. The message was we shouldn't wait to be A+ Muslims to wear it. It is instead one of things we should do in our journey towards being A+. Which I totally get.

But then she concluded with: 'Therefore, saying that I need to get to my destination (pleasing God), by displeasing God, is a logical fallacy.' I have nothing against hijab. Actually, I have been dreaming of the day I put it on since I was 11. InshaAllah, I will create a video on my hijab story (or lack thereof) one day. But I do stand against this mentality of 'I am displeasing Allah.' I hold the opinion that it is exactly this mentality that sheds spirituality and iman.

We've become so rigid. Having rigidity fills one with guilt, shame, lack of focus and ultimately the worst, lack of interest in working towards a vision. Having clarity in vision and working towards it with lightness, love, and grit is my message. There is so much I do day to day to day that displeases Allah. I am so deep in habits that displease Him that if I look back, I only drown.

Don't remind me of my tendency... of my nature(!) to displease Him. I already feel shame in that.

Remind me instead of His mercy and the chance I have of redemption.

Remind me of His love which ignites me to better myself, my act, my choices.

Remind me of His willingness to help, so I have hope in one day standing above my endless demons.

Remind me of His nearness so I become more aware of myself and thoughts.

Displeasing Allah is in every corner of our thoughts, speech, and actions. It's not only hijab. We can't let our focus stay on things we do wrong. We need to focus on what we do right! And what we can do to be more right! We need to focus on doing things out of love, not fear. We need to focus on how to lift, not pull down. May Allah help us all become better people tomorrow... NO MATTER WHERE AND HOW WE ARE TODAY.

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