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For some of us, being positive is a constant choice to reject negative thoughts... constant effort to ignore the negative lingering over our heads. It's easy to say 'be positive'. It's easy to judge someone for being negative.

'How can I not be?' we think.

It's the filter we look through... the filter we've looked through for years. We can't simply switch our perspective filters like Instagram photo edits.

It's like arguing with a colorblind about the shades of green. 'This is what I see!' •'This is the thing that comes to my sight, my mind automatically.

It's way beyond my shallow conscious mind. I cannot evaluate why this bothers me, at least not without help and lots of reflection time. I don't choose to.

To be honest, I rather not be negative because I'm only draining my own soul.' If you deal with constant negative thoughts, here are three strategies to try:

1. Be seriously conscious of your thoughts. Wake yourself up in between thoughts. 'Wait, can I change anything about this? Does thinking this give me any benefit?'  That takes me to

2. Wake yourself during thoughts often so you can shut it down as fast as possible. They survive and grow on your attention. The more attention, the bigger negative thoughts grow. The more 'real' they become. Think snowball effect.  And finally for

3. Focus on positive. Take a few minutes to think about the positive things in your life and the positive things that happened today. Ask for positive things from Allah in your duas. Strive to accomplish positive habits. See the positive in people. See positive in YOU! Be positive with Allah. 🌷Umeda

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