lifting weights

Have you noticed how popular lifting weights is getting for women?

I'm happy about this because there are a lot of benefits to building muscle.

1. Lose body fat.

2. Increase strength.

3. Reduce risk of osteoporosis.

4. Improve posture.

 5. Reduce back pain, and general minor aches and pains.

 6. Reduce stress and enhance mood.

 7. Increase energy.

8. Sexy curves.

9. Clearer skin.

10. Reduce cellulite.

The best thing, to me at least, about lifting is the fact that you can make bad food choices, but not suffer the circumstances.⠀

When you don't workout, the day after eating bad, you feel bloated and bleh which leads to more bad choices... a vicious cycle. If you lift, your abs remain tight. Your body just burns everything up in no time. And it is easier and quicker to recover.⠀Likewise, with iman, when you build it up, not much can pull it away.⠀

When your iman is light, the environment, people, circumstances can tilt it very easily. It's much more likely that you feel wishy-washy, inconsistent, and uncertain. I often get people who argue about Islam. How contradictory it is. How limiting it is. How this. How that.

When you've built up your iman muscles, no argument leads to questioning... even when you don't have a counter argument to the people who argue.⠀Or there are times we are tempted by people drinking, dancing, and having fun. Or sleeping more and worrying less about making time for worship. They are careless and free. Or there may be people dressing a certain way or living a certain way that pull you towards bad choices/thinking... or doubt... or uncertainty.⠀Such is the nature of our nafs (appetite).

We will never run out of things to tempt us. And we will once in a while surround ourselves with things and people that set us up for failure. And we will certainly make poor choices. However, know that with muscled iman, we won't be dragged too far away to the point where all our hard work goes to waste.So go lift, girls, and enjoy the benefits of trained muscles AND IMAN. 🌷Umeda

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