passion: double-edged sword... 168

I was talking to @twentyfivestars the other day about how finding your passion is such a double-edged sword. ⠀

You know so many of us seek and seek and seek our passions, our curiosities, our meaning... ⠀

Then there are some of us who have found that thing that rocks our world, makes us forget of time, gives us meaning and fulfillment, but... ⠀

Here comes the other edge... we become a slave to our work. The mundane tasks in life become forgotten. Chores and responsibilities become inconveniences. Our loved ones become deficient of our time and attention. ⠀

Even in the attainment of passion, balance becomes difficult. You know what I compare it to? Like pulling in and holding your gut. Or holding a straight posture by pulling back your shoulders. Or doing kegels... sorry guys. I had just had to. ⠀

You know how these things connect? You hold it just until you get distracted then things get loose again. ⠀

Balance is the same way. To maintain it, you have to keep your mental focus on it. As soon as you get distracted... you'll find yourself floppy far, far ahead. ⠀

Gosh, I seriously spent so many years searching for my passion then I got a taste of it and realized...⠀

It's not as peachy as I imagined it to be. Your happiness doesn't lie in attainment of passion. It doesn't lie on the other side of the fence. It doesn't lie in the years ahead. It doesn't lie in the hands of people you wait to meet. ⠀

Happiness is constant work. Happiness is mental power. Happiness is learning to juggle and holding as many balls up in the air. ⠀

Laser sharp focus.

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