our purpose

One of the reasons I got into this business of sharing my spiritual journey with you is because I was frustrated I didn’t have anyone to relate to online.

I either saw Muslim supermodel fashionistas or no-face preachers. And I’m neither. Although I love fashion and cosmetics. And I love preaching about Islam.

I wanted to share the life in between. I wanted you to see how manageable Islam is even to a career woman, a mom, a wife, a side-hustler, a fitness enthusiast, a lover of fashion and food.

I wanted you to see my journey through my daily struggles of being pulled from my core to a simple life while craving an active, high performance life. And holding on to my faith through all the fog and clarity.

I wanted you to know regardless of where you are, what lifestyle, what level of faith, you and I have so much in common because we are connected on a human level. You and I, we are family. We are in this together.

I wanted you to understand regardless of our differences, we all want one thing more than anything else... to feel connected to our Creator. To have a meaning. To know who we are and our purpose.

And most of all I was simply done with hiding who I am. I was done with fitting into society’s mold. I was done with quieting the side of me which made me the me I always loved and still love: my faith, my moral, my wisdom, my light... this very soul.

I just hope through my story, you can be inspired to be more true, more loving, more proud and more balanced version of yourself.

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