observations and emotions

I will be departing from Phoenix here in a few hours. Sitting at a hip downtown coffee shop, I reflect on this trip. I absorb all the moments, conversations, observations and emotions.

OH, how sweet life is! There is so much out there to explore, to see, to experience. Alhamdulillah for this LIFE Allah allows us to live. The richness of experience. The excitement of endless discovery.

My heart is full. I'm energized, refocused, and am yearning for the presence of my children and husband. People rub off on you. And I'm glad I had this time with my friend A.

She reminds me to live.

She works hard, AND plays hard as well. And I love seeing this balance. 
She reminds me everything is possible as long as you learn how to prioritize and stay organized.

She reminds me of the importance of self-care, self-respect and having high standards... for yourself, for the people you choose to surround yourself with, and for the choices you make in life.

She reminds me of not being afraid to take on something that scares the life out of you. 10 years ago, she DREAMED of the life she now has. It didn't all turn out perfectly, but she did it.

She fought for it. She worked for it.

She reminds me of the empowerment of achievements. She immigrated here solo and made it. She graduated on top from law school with a child, spouse and NO debt... against all odds.She reminds me of kindness and caring. For being a working mom... a lawyer at a demanding blue chip firm... she paused her life to take care of me. She did everything to make sure I was happy and comfortable. At a time when I felt like I was tipped to the side... she took the time out of her busy life to nudge me back to balance. Alhamdulillah for friends. For friends who get it. For friends who are pure, genuine, and soulful...
Alhamdulillah for trips. For trips that revive you. For trips that remind you of Allah, that ground you to the point of forehead on the mat, and fill you with the yearning to do better! 
Alhamdulillah for life. Such a wonderful gift. Such a beautiful place to practice and worship in. OH Allah's mercy and love! 🌷Umeda

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