nourishing prayer

You know what a life lesson that is worthy of learning? Wanting so bad the thing you have right before you.

So many of us are out chasing the bigger and better, the next new thing. But often, often, often the thing that will quench our thirst the most is the very thing we already have.

Our spouses. Our children. Our books. Our family. Our creativity. Our friends. Our things. Our homes. Our towns. Our followers. Our foods. Our gyms. Our solutions. You name it.

And this lesson is essential also in quality prayer because one of the hardest things to do is to want prayer desperately when you are not going through desperation. So this is my iman goal to be always be thirsty for my next prayer. To wait for it. To dream of it. To think of it. To proactively improve it.

And may Allah bless you and I both with this thirst and the discipline and the care for timely and nourishing prayer.

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