nothing is impossible with Allah

Mariam, mother of Isa, peace be upon them both used to live in isolation from a very early age. Every time Prophet Zakariya came to visit her, she would have off-season fruit. 

He would ask of the source and she would say from Allah. And she would remind Zakariyah that Allah only says be and it happens. For the timing, process, location to make sense is not an issue with Allah.

And same with your duas. Do you ever want something but it just seems impossible because this must happen first, then that, then maybe if this person helps, and maybe if you move to somewhere else, etc etc etc. 

Or I want this but I just can’t see it happening because I don’t have this or that. 

No, for Allah none of that is an issue. If He wills, then everything falls into place, aligns, and flows smoothly oh so perfectly. All you can do is look in hindsight with amazement. 

Don’t worry too much about HOW things will happen. Leave that to Allah. You just DREAM BIG and take the LITTLE STEPS to move toward it.

The Deliverer of all dreams is at your side. Are you at His?

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