nothing belongs us

I spoke to my sister-in-law today. She told me about her one month old baby choking on milk. She tried laying the baby on her side, lightly patting her back, picking her up... as seconds ticked, the baby's color turned deeper into breathless blues and purples.

Thoughts and fear passed through my sister-in-law's mind dozens per second. The panic.

That moment when you realize how delicate life is. How easy it is to lose. How helpless we are. How even the most proven methods can fail us... if God wills not. Baby's scream came out like a newly birthed child as my sister-in-law spoke to Emergency. The relief. Allah's mercy. Speaking to her, I was reminded of the countless choking experiences I had with my prematurely-born twins.

So many times I thought I had lost them. Now that they are school-agers, I haven't thought about that in a long time. Humans are so thick-skinned. In those moments, I thought I would do anything and everything to care for and protect my treasures, my children.

Now, I seem to easily get annoyed and upset. I get distracted. I feel too tired. Too stretched. I easily take for granted each day and trust the next will surely come. I told my sister-in-law these days will pass. And the memories of fear and attachment will lose prominence. Nothing belongs.

Only by Allah's grace we have each other. But there must be a balance between dwelling and letting go. Dwell. Dwell on moments of good. Moments of joy. Dwell on what's right. Dwell on how good things and people make you feel. But not on people. Treasure them. Respect them. Care for them. But know that nothing belongs. Only by Allah's grace we have each other. This is the moment to remember how delicate life is. Who have you been meaning to show more love? Do it today. 🌷Umeda

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