muslim women's day: my story

I've been in love with Islam and Allah since I was a little kid. Although, raised in a non-religious family, I used to mock pray with my grandparents as a little girl.

My grandma would put a little handkerchief on my head and we would adhkar with tasbih together.

I made my other grandma sign me up for Arabic classes when I was 9 and I used to sit along with 18 year olds to learn the Arabic alphabet.

Growing up in the times of Soviet Union which forbid religious practice especially to politicians, it was not common to learn Arabic, pray 5 times, or wear the hijab. I was 11 when I asked my parents if I could wear the hijab and was left with an absolute no. But soon enough my dream will come true.

Throughout the years I prayed on and off, and spoke to Allah often. I was 20 or so when I finally realized I was regularly hit with minor case of depression/emptiness when I strayed away from my prayers. That's when I started taking charge and actively reshaping my life as a Muslim Woman.

I read the full translation of the Quran. Now go through the Tafsir on a regular basis. I wear modest clothing. I pray 5 times. I fast. I pay zakat. And most importantly I incorporate Allah in every moment of joy and every moment of worry... and everything in between.

Through these years I got my education and worked to pay for it. I married. I had three children. I worked hard. And I worked more.

And this is just the beginning. It's taken years and years to shift my life around. And I have not been more happy.

With every little thing that pulls me away from my religion, I keep getting pulled towards it one way or another.

This journey has been a blessing. With The Dua Journal, I aim to bring more spirituality and depth to the practice of my sisters. I aim to help them progress and get closer to Allah - which naturally results in a more positive, healthier and happier life.

I'm more and more excited for what's to come. I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this ummah. Thank you for being a part of my journey. May Allah protect us all and help us achieve the highest level piety and purity. 

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