So this body and weight. It seems if I am not trying to lose weight then I’m actively gaining weight. Lately I’ve let it go because I replaced the time I used to workout with working on The Dua Journal. ⠀

In an effort to move, last night, I started typing my reflection post while slow-walking on the treadmill. Multitasking. Let’s all laugh. ⠀

I seriously just stared at my phone for minutes. I couldn’t even keep a thought rolling, let alone connect the dots which I usually do with my reflections.⠀

I finally got off the treadmill and rolled up on the couch. And the words just rolled out on the screen of my phone. Multitasking. Let’s all laugh. ⠀

After my reflection post (about replacing worry with dua), I got on the treadmill and went on with the posting and other brainless tasks. ⠀

Multitasking is great and sometimes absolutely necessary to get stuff done. But I can’t stress enough how crucial it is to know when multitasking is ok and when it is the absolute enemy.⠀

There are a few times in life when you just need be 100% there and focused. I’m not saying you should be 100% at being 100%. Instead you should actively remind yourself to focus on what’s on hand. Don’t drag something that can be done with quality in 5 minutes to something of less quality stretched out into an unnecessary amount of time. ⠀

My multitasking on the treadmill reminded me of salah: prayers. Embarrassingly, I have to constantly tell my thoughts to just go away because I need to focus on my prayer. My to-do list can wait. My plans can wait. My observations can wait.⠀

Just as I was staring at my phone with depth-less thoughts on the treadmill, I find myself routinely reciting depth-less words on my prayer rug. ⠀

Now I know not to attempt at writing my reflections while multitasking. And that was a much-needed reminder that if I want quality… if I want depth… if I want truth… if I want to get under my skin with my iman… then I need to cozy up with words of Allah, off the ever-rolling treadmill of thoughts. ⠀

I will have lots of other opportunities to multitask.

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