more qualified when least expected

A friend of mine recently went through a divorce. She was telling me how she felt like a hypocrite telling her sons about a healthy relationship when she recently left a failed one.

The tendency to talk negatively or lowly about ourselves is nothing new. I do this to myself as well. I've always felt 'not enough' in life even without a major event like a divorce. I never felt good enough... smart enough... pretty enough... ambitious enough... fun enough... just not enough.

Most of us feel not enough to teach someone something. I, certainly, am not an expert in spirituality to be teaching you anything. I only share what I've learned and learning now.

What I've learned is... we don't NEED to be enough of it in order to speak to someone about a subject. All we NEED is to care about that subject.

The rest draws from experiences... good and bad. I've failed at faith a million times. And I will tell you how not to fail or at least recover faster. I can be stuck at 'I've failed a million times' or I can shift my focus to 'I've recovered enough to tell you how to avoid failing.'

And I told my friend going through this divorce has given her lessons worthy of passing down so her sons won't face this situation. She may know more about a healthy relationship now that she's gone through this divorce.

Negative self-talk can be paralyzing. I know this first hand.

'Couch' friends of mine have told me I need to TEACH myself to... wait for it... UNLEARN a few words when I am talking about myself. And and I need to build discipline in using more empowering, respectful, and loving words. Even this is discipline. Feeling good enough is learned through discipline.

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