more depth than people give it

It's unfortunate how we tend to define deep concepts with specific situations. I mentioned recently the concept of poverty is so much deeper and broader than someone who doesn't have sufficient income to carry out a living. It's any part of life a person feels deficient in - the kind of deficiency that strays you from peace and balance.
Hijab is more than covering the hair. It's about publicly expressing your choice in being a woman of faith, chastity, modesty, and pursuit of humility.
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Fasting is more than 'not eating'. It's about the process of cleansing the body, mind, and soul; sacrificing for the love of Allah and for the love of our ummah. It's about simplicity, discipline, and reviving of priorities.

Fitness is more than burning calories. It's about cleansing the organs, the blood, and brainfog. It's about giving rest to the mind, increasing focus, and chanelling out excessive stress.

Knowledge is more than reading. It's about applying what's learned to bring about positive change.

There is so much depth to everything, if only we stop to think.

And it is the same with The Dua Journal. Don't oversimplify it. The Dua Journal is not just a simple journal; it's not about writing down a few sentences every day.

The Dua Journal is about shifting the mindset to what matters. It's about nurturing the mind and soul. The Dua Journal is about opening up to Allah. It's about making talking to Allah and rememberance of Allah organic.

The Dua Journal is a tool that balances your focus. It secures your iman. It encourages you to live with ihsan.

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