month of purification

I know it seems like Ramadan is a month of ‘YES’, but don’t that mislead you. There must be a balance. More than anything your society pushes you to believe, Ramadan is about purification and reset in your mind, body, soul, priorities, intentions, focus, and the strength of your iman. Celebrations are for later. This girl got goals. 

What reset will you achieve when you are overeating, surround yourself with many people, extravagance especially in gift-giving and decor, and exhausting your energy needed to push through the purification. What purification are you achieving? It’s not an easy process! Don’t think you can do it all. 

Balance is not cramming everything you WANT into a limited time slot. Lol! BALANCE IS KNOWING YOUR TOP PRIORITIES, letting go of what’s not as important, and doing a QUALITY JOB ON WHAT YOU COMMITTED YOURSELF TO. 

Don’t half-ass this one. Too much is on the line. Start your journaling process. Sharpen your focus. You don’t need a fancy journal. You just need intention, space and time.

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