messages we accept

Last night I was with the girls of my family. We talked everything and of course insta account came up. My niece said that she usually watches the beginning few of my instagram stories and skip skip skip skips to the end (Many do this.) Then my sister-in-law mentioned that I sound totally different on my videos then I do in real life with all my expressions (I disagree.)⠀

Yup, for the next two hours I felt so stupid. I kept remembering the messages of at least a dozen of you who have reached out to me with such sweet messages. But the opinions of the two above reigned in my mind.⠀

My pity party didn’t last long because what matters most to me is how deeply I feel about my message here. My messages here remind me of what I know and what is true. My messages hold me accountable and hopefully inspire at least one of you. ⠀

We have to be very careful of the messages we accept. Opinions will always be there. Many will be good. Many bad. And that’s ok. Have mercy on yourself. Believe in your mission. And plow forward with head up high. ⠀

Not everyone needs to believe in what you believe in. Not everyone will care what you think or say. Not everyone will stand with you as you fight. And that’s ok. ⠀

This applies in all areas of your life, but most of all it matters in your relationship with Allah. There is a lot that will pull you from Allah. Be careful what you accept. And plow forward with your head… on your prayer rug.

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