meditation to help you pause

Meditation unfortunately gets a bad rep with Muslims. I say dump everything you ever thought or heard about meditation. ⠀

Prophet Muhammad (saws) meditated regularly in the cave Hira. He needed to filter out worldly weight so he could be open to receive the weight of hereafter. ⠀
Meditation is not a Buddha thing and doing it is not haram. Meditation doesn't automatically make you a Sufist. Meditation is for humanity. It's for humans who seek depth and a connection with the higher being - Allah in a world of constant distraction.

The main goal of meditation is to PAUSE. It is to clear out all the clouds in your head so you can let the light of your heart shine through. ⠀

It's about not being controlled by your thoughts and emotions. Meditation is about cleansing the mind so it can have a better chance on focusing on the right things. ⠀

This is the only way to open your heart to the grace of Allah. Otherwise, you keep doing and doing without getting the true experience of worshipping Allah. ⠀

Meditation is a way to ground yourself and effectively remind yourself of the life within and the life hereafter. ⠀

It's a way to pause worldly so you can dive deeper into your soul. Into your core... where your light resides... the light that shines towards Allah. ⠀

Meditation is a regular practice for me. I've done it so much, I am very aware of my breath. When I'm nervous, worried or stressed out, I automatically know to regulate my breath from shallow to deep and even which helps me stay balanced through emotional highs and lows. Even in salah, I take deep, even breaths to help me focus and slow down.

There are millions of guided meditation on YouTube. I started from guided to help me refocus when my thoughts drifted. But now, I simply like silence because I'm aware enough to catch my thoughts. Find one that works for you. ⠀

I don't think. I just breath and feel what it feels like to be inside this body. I love feeling my pulse, a reminder that everything in this body depends on those beats. I love listening to my breath, a reminder of my complete dependence on Allah to provide that air. ⠀

Do you meditate? What are your thoughts about it?

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