look inside

All of us have our own demons, fears, insecurities, aching, doubts... Sometimes it's scary inside, sometimes sad.

But how long will you hide?

You can't hide behind distractions: people distractions, social media distractions, material distractions, attention distractions, and travel and social distractions.

Even those distractions are temporary and at the end it is just you again, isn't it?Sometimes this is the scariest. To be alone. To let what's inside come alive. The past memories roll again. To feel the aching loneliness. The vibrating sadness... the hunger for peace... and fullness of the soul.

Don't be afraid of what's inside. The good in you will always surpass any pain. You come through love and from the source of love. Allah created your soul in purity and no amount of worldly can change that. You just need to cut through it. Take a few minutes to yourself and look inside.

Close your eyes and let your mind's arms wrap around you. Have a moment to remember yourself. It's just you again. And it's ok. You have Allah.

So simply LOVE. ACCEPT. FORGIVE. LET GO. And let your light shine. 🌷Umeda

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