living for others

At the airport, my daughter spilled food on her light-colored jeans which left a small stain. She shows me and says, 'That's ok, nobody can see it.'

I told her we would clean it up when we go to the bathroom and that it is not about other people seeing it or not. You should always try to wear and maintain cleanliness. 

She is a kid and has learned to live for other people already. Like we adults do. 

Doing things not to meet our own standards, but to seem a certain way for others. 

Often it bothers us personally too, but we word our intentions toward what others will think and accept.

And how we word our intentions has a big effect on our way of thinking. 

One big lesson I want to teach my kids is not to live for others. People are ever-changing and impossible to satisfy. 

Make Allah your anchor and live with conscience. Treat yourself with high regard.  

Make decisions based on your own values and high standards... not the standards people impose on you.

And take responsibility for making decisions (one), how you made that decision (two), and what comes of that decision (final.)

Live with self-respect and self-confidence.

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