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I dedicated TDJ to those who are seeking. To those who have that yearning inside, big or small. To those who are pulled in one way or another. To those who want to cover more bases. To those who are missing a little something inside. To those who are looking for a way out... to be unstuck... to be unstale...

To those who are searching for more... more of Allah... more of connection... more of peace... more of purpose... more of fulfillment.

To those who want more of Islam.

Through TDJ, my mission is to bridge SEEKING to more LIVING. To breath and live Islam. To wake up with thoughts of Allah... Alahmdulillah. And to go to bed with thoughts of Allah.

My goal is to bring Allah in everything we do. To involve Allah in everything we do. To open up that informal communication channel so that we are not reserving our worship just at prayer and Quran times.

Instead to form a life, a productive and active life that becomes a form of worship in itself. A life filled with moments infused with the essence of Islam... of submission to Allah.

To LIVE Islam is a whole other experience. A life of peace. A life of purpose. A life of fulfillment, security, and positivity. These are all natural outcomes of living in spirit of true Islam.

Islam is not an area of life... it is life itself. Its essence can be infused in all areas of life... our health, relationships, personal development, career, business, education, finances, and everything else. And I make dua you and I achieve and sustain this holistic approach.

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