less tools, more consistency

Stop looking for better tools: apps, planners, programs, etc.⠀

What you have is plenty. It's not a matter of finding just the right tool that will help you reach your goals, keep you focused, or give you clarity. It's a matter of consistency in showing up for your tool to make things happen. ⠀

YOU are responsible for making time, for devising plans, for getting organized, for making lists, for setting goals... over and over again... not the tool. ⠀

Understand that what you are searching for is inside of you. Evaluate your expectations. Listen to your internal voice: its needs and foolish excuses. And schedule time everyday to look through your day. And look through your goals. ⠀

Are you focused? Are you focused on the right things? The things and people you focused on, do they matter? Are you getting enough down time... away from media? Are you making time for Allah? Are you making time fill your soul... for laughter... for love... for nourishment?

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