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The Wall Street Journal published a review of a movie 'Before I Fall' that talked about how growing up, the youth try on multiple personalities until they find one that fits. I could relate to this not only with the trials and errors of my own self-discovery BUT also making progress in my faith.

I've tried on and took off many routines and resources to improve my Islamic knowledge. It took a lot of time to realize I couldn't sustain certain learning/study/memorization routines if I was getting overwhelmed and stressed out doing them.

Sometimes even depressed. Islam is beautiful. And Allah is all-worthy. How could I not give my all? Sometimes I would get so deep that I would let go of all other parts of my life. But Islam is not about depression, a convent-like imbalance, or overwhelm. Islam is about peace of mind, balance, growth, knowledge, and reflection. If there is balance in your life, then every part will shed a light back to your faith.

Every part will make you a better person, a better Muslim, and a better reflection of the Prophet's (saws) example. So try on different routines until you find one that fits right. A schedule that you can sustain over the long term. A practice that will increase your knowledge in balance with reflection that will draw you nearer to Allah. And make sure to pick a learning routine that's a smidge bigger. Unlike clothing tailored exactly to your current size, learning routine needs to have space to challenge you to grow in a gentle and balanced way. 🌷Umeda

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