know their faults

In conversations with girlfriends, we talk about how we value friends who tell things how they are.

We talk about how friends now a days tip toe around us and rather discuss our faults with others.

However, in multiple cases, I pulled the courage to point out the wrong and was attacked for being judgemental or rude. I find myself dumbfounded. I understand now people don't want to know their faults, not from anybody. They rather shut their eyes... while seeking someone to tell them the real and to hold them accountable... so open and in need while so shelled and protective. I think sometimes we are open AND shelled in similar ways with our duas.

We ask Allah for something but then close ourselves up to his response. We want something but then don't want to make the sacrifice to get it. Or to 'tie the camel' if you will. Or we ask Allah to give us what's best for us, but then fail to trust Him with life's ups and downs.

We ask Allah to show us the path, but then let distractions stray us away from looking around. Really think about your duas. If you really want them, then open yourself up to receiving Allah's responses in ways that may not always be comfortable. Accept them as a learning process. And pray that like a true friend, He shows you things the way they really are without tip toeing around. 🌷Umeda

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