just so typical

Once I told you one of my fears is that through The Dua Journal, I will lift others up at the expense of my own faith and balance. ⠀

Nowadays, through your positive responses, my fear is that I will be pronounced a total fake. People want to meet me in person and I'm scared that they have a certain expectation of me which I do not and will not meet.

I'm no extraordinary person. My iman is not extraordinary. My skills are not extraordinary. I'm your typical quiet person who most of the time lives inside her own head. ⠀

I'm your typical person who loves people and is curious to know their stories. I'm your typical person who is a little too straightforward. I'm your typical caring type that just wants to listen and thinks she should help.⠀

I'm your typical person who reads a lot and avoids the book and stationary sections at the store to stop herself from buying more.

I'm your typical person who loves a sip of coffee and gets way too excited about pretty dessert.

I'm your typical person who yells at her kids then feels bad and hugs and kisses them way too many times. ⠀

I'm your typical person who sometimes speaks before she thinks and thinks way too much about things she can't take back.

I'm your typical person who giggles off the joke she didn't get. ⠀

I'm your typical writer who knows how to arrange words to express her thoughts and feelings. ⠀

I'm your typical person and I fear sometimes you may overestimate who or how I am. ⠀

But one thing is true and most important to me, you get to know me from inside and you get know how simple I am and how pure I actively aim to be.

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