itstikhara, seeking counsel

Especially with Dua for Istikhara, I love saying it in a language I understand after the Arabic recitation so my heart and mind understand the logic... 

Allah, you know what’s good for me better myself. I’m satisfied with how life turns out for me as long as I am working hard to make it positive and productive. Because regardless of what happens, at the bottom of it all, all I want is You. I am OK, as long as I have YOU. I will win sometimes, I will lose sometimes, and it’s OK. I will keep pushing forward because I have You. And when I have You, I have Hope. You are the source of all that is Good: in me, in others, in life, and in the Hereafter. 

All duas are simple. But when you understand them and ponder on them, they apply to all parts of your life, all activities throughout your day, and your mindset throughout your experiences. Duas are not just words, they are a mindset.

So involve Allah in everything. Every time. Everywhere.

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