it was life

I went to my mom's house today to find my cousin who is visiting baking delicious Tajik bread. ⠀

Baking bread - the process is a beautiful ritual from beginning to end. A process of hope and excitement in the weaving of experience, care and fluidity from one step to the next, trust in each ingredient and how they respond, and sheer pleasure of accomplishment through all the senses. ⠀

We give so much of our time, energy, and planning into rituals because each is a beautiful experience. The end result is not the actual product or the outcome you hoped for. No. ⠀

It's all the experiences you went through to get to that outcome. Just like any ritual, you can zoom through it for the sake of the outcome. Or you can slow down and absorb the experience, the ritual... each ingredient, each union, each texture, each transition. ⠀

Worship in essence is also an experience. It's not about the outcome. Answered prayer. Life in MY terms. Dreams coming true. ⠀

Worship is the experience of having someone to ask FROM. Having HOPE and comfort that you are listened to. The freedom that comes from knowing I AM HELPLESS. I have no more to give, no more to do, no more to say. Or simply, I can't do it all myself. ⠀
Worship is about slowing down to recognize each emotion, processing it, absorbing it, and passing it on to Allah. ⠀

Worship is about starring in a blank open sky and visualizing THE DAY I WILL MEET HIM. His majestic throne over His water. ⠀

Worship is about KNOWING that it's a process, step by step... each time the same but so so different. ⠀

Worship is about HOPE that soon I will have my prize in 'hand' through all my senses. ⠀

So don't lose the essence of your rituals. Each part makes an immeasurable overall impact... although the whole is what you tend to think about. ⠀

As for the bread... we slathered thick layers of butter on top of oh so warm and fresh bread and ate. We ate. It was freedom. It was hope. It was comfort. It was love. It was forgiveness. It was tenderness. It was everything at that very moment. It was life.

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