it only takes a few minutes

At some point, you and I, we need to get over 'not feeling connected with Allah' and do something about it. Are we really trying? Allah doesn't deprive us of opportunities to connect with Him. We deprive ourselves of getting unstuck from a fixed mindset.

I've become a pro at getting into negative cycles and forcing myself out of them. How do you step out of the cycle? By resetting. How do you reset? You write. You write. You think. And you write. You organize all thoughts flying around in your head. Check in with each life area. How do you feel in each? What do you need to work on in each?

Make dua. Thank Allah. Keep your mind on the positive. Focus on growth. Set 2 iman goals for yourself for this week or this month. Keep your word.

And act as if THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION. I will push myself, I will push myself, I will push myself to get to the level of calm, silence, and peace so I can finally feel grounded, connected, and close to you, Allah.

You seek and you seek and you seek. But you don't dare give yourself a few minutes of silence to get grounded. It only takes a few minutes. Shut this whole world out. Reflect. Breath. Dream. Reconnect.

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