it begins with frustration

It begins with frustration. Then avoidance. Then we start making choices which go against our own standards. Then we feel guilt for the choices we made. Then comes shame because we let it get so far or so long.

Then there is a lack of confidence in that area. Then we start translating it as a definition of who we are... negative character. Then we don't know who we are anymore and especially when exactly we started getting this way...

It begins with a small thing that needs your attention.

It begins with a small thing that you need to fix, rearrange, figure out, or confront.

It begins with a small thing.

And without your focus and intention, it turns into something that defines you... and it's a definition you don't feel proud of.

What is frustrating you in your iman? Focus, evaluate, scan through your emotions, actions, and how you respond to things. Plan out how you will take care of what's bothering you. Do it now. 

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