islamic studies for adults and for the kids

I'm sitting at the bottom of a staircase listening to my girls' piano lesson. 
We started at the beginning of the school year. It's only half hour a week and it has been amazing to see their progress the last six months. Lately I have been frustrated once again with all the things I want to do.        
But because I don't plan in advance, it just doesn't happen Islamic studies for adults and for the kids, language studies, exercise programs, healthy eating programs, regular beauty and grooming, writing development, personal development, spiritual and mindfulness... the list could go on and on depending on priorities and regular struggles. None of those things require a big time investment.                                                                  
Just 30 minutes of consistent commitment goes a long, long ways. With just little, consistent time, you gain what you didn't have before. You gain skill, you broaden your horizon, you advance your skills, and become a well-rounded person. Best of all, you reach your goals, and become the person you dream and strive to be. 
The problem is that initial investment in building a program for you or in finding a program you can simply follow. Through years of trial and error, I know in confidence, I cannot do it myself. I start, I progress, but in the long-term i can't hold on. Last year, I bought a Ramadan 30 day activity workbook for the kids and absolutely loved it. Everyday, all I needed to do was show up.                                                                                      
 The rest was guided and thought-through. I wish more and more people would create these programs for people to go through AND not charge an arm and a leg. We need tools to keep us going and accountable for our development and for our life. Because obviously the time won't slow down so we can take care of this ourselves. Having skills are so empowering, especially for women. They give us self-confidence. They make us strive. What are your thoughts? Did you take part in any kind of development programs and workshops? What did you think of them? Tag people you who provide programs or books you recommend.

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