islam is a personal journey to Allah

Islam is a personal journey to Allah.

There are many different kinds of Muslims, each going through a unique set of successes and challenges. And where one is in his or her iman/faith/practice cannot be compared to another.

Regardless of where in our journey we are, one thing is for sure...

we need a regular boost in our iman. One way to do that is... dua. And Allah has made it easy for us to make dua.  

Speak to Allah. Just speak.

Speak to him of your fears.

Speak to him of your hopes.

Share your gratitude.

Praise him for his perfect qualities.

Praise him for all the amazing things and people around you.

Ask him questions.

Ask him to show you the path.

Remind yourself of the fact that we are all in total dependence of Allah. Every matter big and small depends on Allah's will. Total dependence.

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