intentional choices

I was telling my husband about different people who’ve told me stories about their husbands restricting them from many things. ⠀

He jokingly (unjokingly) he says, ‘See you are so lucky. I let you do everything… except quit your job.’ Sometime before, I asked him, how he wants our kids to turn out? He gives all these high-standard qualities. And I ask, what are you doing to make sure they will turn out this way?

He points his finger at me. I am responsible for shaping them in a way that will meet his expectations.

I’m not saying anything negative about the children of working moms. I’m saying in order for me to raise the kind of children he and I want, I need to spend more time with them. With each. And right now, we can only manage to have 2 hours a day of quality time. 3 kiddos, Alhamdulillah. Add dinner, cleaning, homework, prayers, etc. It’s impossible. ⠀⠀

But such is life. There are several things that keep me from a no-time or part-time jobs. Not just my husband’s preference.

Sometimes life turns out not the way you expect it. And that’s ok. You make a sacrifice, sometimes many, for the general goodness. ⠀⠀

Sometimes you sacrifice quality. Sometimes you sacrifice time. Sometimes price. In business, you can only have two of the three. And honestly, it’s also true in life and in your iman. In order to hold a balance, sacrifices need to be made. We just can’t have it all.⠀

Be intentional about your choice. Believe in the reasons why you chose what you chose. And don’t let guilt pull you down. Make every little thing count. You just don’t know, you may end up gaining somethings you wouldn’t have otherwise. ⠀⠀

With Allah all is possible. He sees your intention perfectly.

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