This is an honest intention check-in, friends. I know honesty on these things is not everyone’s piece of cake, but it is mine and I know many of yours because you follow me. .

The bigger problem here is not honesty on social media but honesty with yourself. Most of us don’t know what to lookout for so we don’t even see the problem we should confront. .

Allah says make sure your intention is to please Me. And although I know this and mean to, I don’t always have the best of intentions. It is through these reflections that I realize I need to make a change and try harder next time. .

Here are some of the places my intentions have been:

1. Check the checkbox on my to-do list

2. To be a good example in the eye of my kids

3. Keeping up with my ‘image’ in front of my husband 

4. I feel like there is no other option - out of habit 

5. Hope that it will benefit my own low iman 

Share with me where yours have been. Maybe I’ve been there too and I just don’t even realize it yet.

And remember before the next time you perform any form of ibadah, remind yourself your intention is to please Allah and Allah alone. Everything else comes after that and honestly most of the time doesn’t even matter.

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