identity defined by roles

The other day my sister and I spoke about the transition where kids grow independent enough that the mom starts missing the kids' dependence on her. ⠀
You know the busyness from being wanted so much? Well, that going away.⠀

I have three kids close in age which means I am super busy now. And I will be super not-needed-so-much at the same time by all three. ⠀

I think and I'm afraid I am going to have a crisis. ⠀

It's amazing how much we base our identity on our role(s)... as an employee, as a mom, as a wife, as a business owner, as a victim, etc.⠀

And when that role becomes more and more insignificant, we become more and more lost and confused of our purpose. ⠀

Similarly, many of us make a mistake of defining our purpose by a role... knowing (often forgetting) every role's significance diminishes.⠀

Our purpose is the kind of life we lead, not what roles we land on. ⠀

Similarly, our identity first and foremost signifies our soul's origination and belonging to Allah alone. ⠀

Yes, my kids will grow up and leave me more free time. But as long as I have come into terms with my purpose as a Muslim, I am confident I will find positive and impactful activities to fill my time with, InshaAllah. ⠀

In the meantime, I remind myself to enjoy how things are now as this too will set. Every age and stage will set. Every joy and sorrow will set. ⠀

Being a Muslim means being grateful for the blessing of the now and being active in arranging and rearranging to achieve a life of positivity, authenticity, balance, and impact. ⠀

For Allah's sake. ⠀
I came. I uttered Your name, Allah. I lived. 

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