i have done wrong

It's easy to talk about the wrong others have done to you. But it's hard to ponder over the wrong you've done to others.⠀

I ran into a situation, and this is not the first time, where someone (Person A) shared something private with me (Person B) because she/he trusted me. And I shared this something with someone else (Person C) who -I- trust.⠀

And this happens so often doesn't it? "I will tell you this even though I am not supposed to. So please keep it between us." I admit to doing this before and I did it again.⠀

I always knew how wrong this was. Not only this, I also always knew how hurt I would be if someone spoke about my private things with those I am not close with.⠀

And we are ignorant, aren't we? From both sides.⠀

(1) Trusting someone to keep something to themselves to the very end. 99% of us fail at one point or another, especially when the secret originates from someone else. So keep this in mind when you are about to share something very personal with someone.⠀

(2) Sharing someone else's secret with a third person and thinking this will never come out to the world. Ignorance.⠀

In any case, I talk about high-standards and I totally failed to meet that expectation. And I hold myself accountable. I begged Allah to forgive me for falling in this lowly ditch again. And made myself realize I have hurt someone by putting myself in Person A's situation.⠀

Today's reminder is this: don't cover your eyes to your own faults. Don't make excuses to cover your short-comings. You may get away with carrying one person's words to the other, but Allah watches. With every trust that you break, Allah watches as you slide inch by inch away from integrity.⠀

It is in our human nature to unleash our tongue in times of weakness which are more often than not. But that is no excuse. We strive to push toward GOOD. Toward INTEGRITY. Toward ETHICS. Toward RESPECT. Hold yourself accountable in this journey.⠀

Ya Rabb, IHDINA SIRATAL MUSTAQIM. Guide us in the straight path. Help us hold our tongues.

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