i can hear the birds

I had that slow motion moment, driving back from work to pick up the kids. Finally, the sun was up after couple weeks of clouds and rain. The air was soft and clean. I rode in silence... and I could hear the birds. ⠀

I could hear the birds chirping. The refreshing, long-awaited sound of spring. I could hear the birds. ⠀

Slow motion. Realization. I kept saying this to myself. I can hear the birds! I can hear the birds! I cried, my friends, I cried. My soul was uncomfortable inside my body. ⠀

As much as I avoid it, I SAW the coverage on the chemical attacks. I SAW the little kids burning inside out. Innocent children. Small bodies. I can imagine the utter pain and confusion. No cries. It is their end. They all ended. ⠀

I can hear the birds. The sun is out. The air is soft. I will see my children any minute. I will cook them dinner. I will watch them jump on the trampoline laughing giddy through the window while I cook. ⠀

I can hear the birds. And my soul is uncomfortable inside my body. I cry. It is their end. When was the last time they heard birds chirping? Are there any birds left there? The birds probably avoid seeing it, just like me. ⠀

Please stay on after your salah and join me in asking Allah for peace. Peace in our communities, our countries, and our world. Allah, You have the power to make this stop. Please bring peace to our nations.

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