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There was this moment couple days ago when I put the laundry in the washer and was covered with a feeling of gratitude for having this washer. Such a simple everyday thing we take for granted.⠀

For several years, I had a broken washer which would stop in the middle of the wash. I would have to go down to the laundry to open the lid and shut it really hard which somehow reignited the washer. ⠀

It's like how we used to smack the TV back in 1980's to get it to show pictures again. ⠀

Well with the washer, I sometimes would have to go down several times. A wash would take hours. It was very frustrating. But for so long we couldn't replace it because we had other big-ticket expenses to take care of.⠀

Then the time finally came to replace the washer and dryer. Just like any new thing, the excitement wore off way quicker than I imagined. This Sunday, though, I was reminded of how good it feels to have a working washer. ⠀

The thing with gratitude is that sometimes you have to remind yourself of how things USED TO BE to really appreciate how things ARE RIGHT NOW. ⠀

It makes you imagine life without this blessing. And all of a sudden the value of this said blessing sky rockets. ⠀

What have you been taking for granted lately? Remember the days when you didn't have it? Remember the days you wished for the things you have today? 

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