educated way beyond level of obedience

We are educated way beyond our level of obedience. I told you I started doing Whole30 in the beginning of this month.

It is a healthy eating program with the idea that you eat wholesome foods for 30 days. I ended up doing two weeks of Whole6 (I made this up.)

For two weeks, I did six days of wholesome eating and the seventh day I had not-so-wholesome meals.
Then slowly I started giving into all the donuts we get at work, birthday party cakes, and all the not so healthy options at the get-togethers... And I am now back to where I started.
We are educated way beyond our level of obedience. I can be very disciplined in other areas of my life, but when it comes to food, I feel like a complete loser.

I can stick to programs, but not all the way through. Over and over again, I start a new program, but then end up falling off the wagon. I have done enormous amount of research and know the importance of health and fitness, not only in managing stress, but also in preventing future illnesses.
But still, here I am back at point A.
But that doesn't stop me from starting again. I keep fighting. I fail. Then get up and start again.

Maybe some years ago I couldn't imagine eating healthy for two days.

Maybe now I could only manage to do two weeks.

And maybe, just maybe, someday I will be able to stick through longer. Nowadays, the hardest thing to earn it seems is discipline. And I don't mean discipline in areas in which we are good at, I mean discipline in areas in which we lack.
And this is where a lot of us are stuck when it comes to faith. Not all of us are necessarily 'into' being religious. Or for some of us, some parts of our faith is simply difficult to do or maintain. But we know how important and good our faith and all its parts are to us. We know our purpose is to worship Allah in balance with leading healthy and productive lives. We know our return is to Allah. See sticking through is a virtue worth getting up and trying again for. What we need more of is discipline to push on even when we know 99% we will fail again. That 1% HOPE and FAITH will make the biggest difference in our success. 🌷Umeda

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