Every time I pass by the garage door, I am annoyed by the kids' coats. I put them up on the hooks that go up vertically.

The next time kids come in, they throw their coats on the floor again. It bothers me. Buzzing like an annoying bee in the back of my mind. Walking passed them today, I finally really looked at the situation.

Why were they always on the floor?

What is the actual problem here?

 The kids can't reach the top hook. They now have more coats then hooks. And the coats are sliding off because the hooks are too shallow to carry multiple coats. I remember last summer, I wanted to install hooks that go horizontally for the kids to reach. I specifically looked for large hooks to make it easier on the kids. Then I just never got to buying one. Then I forgot. Today I am going to install those damn hooks and take care of the coat problem. Just get it done.

 When it comes to faith, is there anything you have been meaning to get to, but just haven't made the time?

Perhaps reading up on a certain topic?

Watching that lecture that somebody recommended?

Perhaps Allah's teaching about certain things? Perhaps beginning a new book or finally finishing one?

What's been bugging you lately that you just need to get done? 

What are your coats that have been laying around?

Figure out what's been the root cause?

Take care of it today. 🌷Umeda

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