hold on with your mind

Maintaining balance is a hard-core challenge. Constantly tipping over on one side or the other. Sometimes you wake up to being 2 yards away from the balancing beam, completely clueless as to how you even got that far.⠀

Life. The moment you think you have things under control, something pops up and completely shuffles around your 'plans' just to mock you. ⠀

Life. Sometimes you just take it and keep moving forward. My girls caught a virus of some sort and I've been caring for them the past few days. Much needed time with them, but I'm behind on everything else. ⠀

I'm behind on my energy as well. I keep catching myself thinking 'I'm craving junk food.' 'I just want to lay around and watch TV.' 'I'm not even going to try to get a workout in.' 'Let the folded laundry from yesterday just stay on the couch for another day.' ⠀

This is where the process of 'I'm going to wake up 2 yards away from the balancing beam' begins. It's these moments when you ALLOW yourself to dive into the wrong side. Just screw it all, watch me DIVE into the wrong side. The rebel. The victim. The tired. The untended. It wakes up.⠀

So really watch yourself on these days when you are feeling the rebel come out. Know that the moment of peace you get on your prayer mat is exactly what your soul needs. The moment you take to reflect is what your mind needs to absorb the stress. ⠀

Through all the chaos... your duas are what will keep your head straight. Through all the surprise events in life... your gratitude to Allah is what keeps your focus on what matters. While things are popping up in the air... while your feet are sliding on your balancing beam... while your body just can't hold on anymore... remember one thing: your body follows your mind. 

HOLD ON WITH YOUR MIND. Keep your thoughts with Allah. Take your time on your mat. Don't dive away. You know you will crave to come back again.

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