hijab as a fashion statement

I had two conversations yesterday about the distinction between hijab for modesty and hijab as a fashion piece/statement. 

For those who don't follow the fashion industry, head covering is becoming a hot trend (probably in response to all the political issues.) So we will be seeing all kind of 'hijabis' here and there.

With that, I want to say, now more than ever, we need to evaluate and consider the situation and person before we share our criticism/judgment/advice. 

People transition from hijabi to non hijabi. People go through highs and lows. Sometimes they will wear it to follow Allah's commandment. Sometimes they will wear it as a fashion statement. 

Sometimes we will run into non-Muslims wearing half a hijab. Sometimes we will see a good Muslim wearing a quarter of a hijab. I mean there will be all types of hijabs going around and each will have its own story and journey. 

So aimless shooting criticism bullets for the sake of law and order is not going to work. Whatever assumptions you have about the covered woman out and about often will not apply. 

Take my words with a grain of salt, but do know that with one criticism you can make a struggling Muslim reach a breaking point, you can make a potential Muslim run away, you can turn a good Muslim astray. 

DO deliver criticism if you see wrong, but first take a moment to evaluate and consider what's not obviously exposed. 

One point I guarantee, this trend will be more inspirational for a Muslim struggling to commit to a hijab then you and I can ever be. 

This show is called, 'A double-edged sword.'

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