habits... you win... you lose...

Sometimes you think you've established a habit then things go completely out of whack and you have to restart and refocus on the effort.

People ask how do you manage to keep up with five daily prayers. And all of us who do it will tell you the only way is to schedule everything else around the prayers.

Fajr before work. Duhr during lunch hour at work (have to take lunch later or use the 15 minute break.) Asr after dinner. Maghrib after kids go to bed. Isha before bed. They are scheduled.

But yesterday, I failed. Fajr and Duhr happened as usual. We came home after work and I quickly started cooking dinner. I needed to drop off a few orders to the post office before they closed at 7. I also needed to go to the store to get some boxes to ship out wholesale orders and kids have been asking me to take them to the store so they can use their eid money... So we finished dinner at 18:30 and I really wanted to get everything done quickly and be home early enough to give all 3 kids a shower. If only I stayed 20 more minutes, I would've done Asr then shop in peace. Big fail.

Well, we got everything done but by then I was completely exhausted! We came home and my brother and his family were over. And I asked my niece to help me plastic-wrap books I need to pack for wholesale. This is where I failed again!

The big part of doing all your prayers is the fact that you HAVE to, HAVE to excuse yourself (although it's fun to stay on) to go and do your prayer. #priorities #thingscanwait #Allahawaits

I stayed on... Another fail.

And it became a vicious cycle... the more I didn't take a few mins to myself, to my soul, to my mind... the more tired and guilty I became... and the more I ate... the more exhausted I became... and by the time I made it to my room, it was close to 11PM.

Who you are is defined by the little choices you make. And the choices I made yesterday defined a person I don't want to be. I woke up for Fajr (alhamdulillah) and started from a clean slate. I will not dwell on the failtures. I will dwell on the opportunity to do better today.

What you focus on, expands.

I choose to expand POSITIVE. PROGRESS. LEARNING. ACTION. And so should you.

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