guide to becoming a successful muslim...70

(1) Be goal-oriented and have clear focus.⠀
Make a decision and commitment to progress your faith. Set goals as small or big as you are comfortable with. And stay consistent. Slowly replace one bad habit at a time with good ones.⠀

(2) Practice on being intentional, get off the auto-pilot mode.⠀
So many of us are sleep-walking through life. Wake up. Be proactive. Set goals. Aim for something bigger. Challenge yourself. Make intentional decisions. Reflect, re-align, and improve. Do the best you can with what you have.⠀

(3) Identify and respond to triggers that lead to bad habits.⠀
In life, there are hundreds of things, people, and circumstances that pull us away from our focus in our faith. Identify specific triggers that pull you away. And find ways to respond to those triggers so they don't drag you to bad choices and waste of time.⠀

(4) Forget the Joneses.⠀
Don't compare yourself or your journey in Islam to anyone else. Each of us has a unique set of successes and challenges. Each of us has different priorities in which areas of our faith we will tackle first.⠀

(5) Communicate openly, honestly, and regularly about your faith.⠀
Get an accountability partner or join accountability groups. Find someone you can talk to about your difficulties, little wins, and short-term and long-term goals.⠀

(6) Don't be afraid to ask for help.⠀
Islam is a lifestyle. It's a journey and it requires choices that are not easy or come naturally to anyone. Islam does not need to be a lonely journey. And asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Ask for help in support, motivation, accountability and direction.⠀

(7) Be patient and disciplined.⠀
It's a process. There will be ups and downs. Learn to get right back up when you fall into a bad habit or make a bad choice (or two.)⠀

(8) Find ways to have fun while building your iman.⠀
Make your faith journey fun! Treat yourself for praying Fajr every day. Find like minded people and have meet ups. Read books. Take courses. Attend workshops. Start Dua-making challenges. Try out different products like The Dua Journal.

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