grandma turned 83

Yesterday, my grandma turned 83. MashaAllah. She is in a warrior shape. Back straight, brows filled, health in check. Kids and I went to visit her and she was all stressed out because she worked all day she says! She did her laundry, switched her bedding, and listen to this...


Apparently, right before I came, she talked to her friend and mentioned that she wanted to take a nap because she got tired but has been on Facebook! The friend says, 'Well reply to them tomorrow.'

Grandma: 😳 'Isn't that rude?'

Me: 🙄 Whaaaaaaaah?

Sister, chill! That can wait. 👈 I say this a lot.

To myself. Because you know, when it's time for prayer, and I JUST WANT TO FINISH THIS! Just one more minute. Let me just cross this off. Let me just do this quick. ⠀Sister, chill! That can wait. #priorities In this case, my 83 year old grandma needed a nap. Stressing over getting something done real quick didn't make anything quick or enjoyable. In my case, when that adhan beeps, get up and just do it.⠀Check your priorities. Do they align with your goals? Do they align with what you want to achieve day to day and what kind of a person you want to be? And don't forget! Sister, chill! 💊 That can wait. 🙌

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