good mind over good life

One of the biggest lessons I've learned in life is that happiness is achieved through a good MIND, not a good LIFE.

I used to seek happiness in moments, things, and people. But happiness would drift away as they came and went. 

I would seek happiness in some future moment in time, and years would pass by without a trace of that glorious time. 

At some point through my journey of happy-seeking, I learned happiness is something I generate (with the help of Allah). It's a mental state... not a pot of gold I had been running after. It was a constant offensive tactic in a battle field of life.

I generate it. I fight to maintain it. I remind myself to feel it. I constantly reflect and recharge myself to regain it.

It's a mental switch and I train myself through thoughts, through speech, through choices, and through priorities.

Thoughts: Negative thoughts are a constant. And I constantly cut them out as soon as I am aware they are happening. 

Speech: Before I say anything I consider if what I'm about to say will make a positive affect . If not, then why even say it. And I monitor what I tell myself. Am I lifting myself up or shutting myself down?

Choices: Before any choice, I pause to question. Which choice will be good for me, both short- and long-term. 'Because it feels good right now', no longer matters. I focus on 'what choice will support me in being a happy human?'

Priorities: Only things that bring me positive vibes are allowed in my day. Only joy, joyful, and joy-bringing, and in joyful ways are a priority. I'm a woman of priorities. I write them down and remind myself every single day!

It happens that HAPPINESS is a priority. And I'm not going to wait around any longer for it. I'm taking things in my own hands. 

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